Your Key to Business Miracles

image of Philip de LisleIf you’re looking for a ‘shot in the arm’ Philip de Lisle is just what the doctor ordered! When you engage Philip you’ll be working with a multi-talented business-savvy mentor and facilitator, speaker and author. If you want a first rate brain, emotional strength and a creative and innovative approach to your business (and personal) challenges, you’ve found it.

“I’m a former serial entrepreneur with more than 7 startups. I grew my last venture to a US$1.5billion valuation before exiting in 2001. Since then I’ve beenĀ helping others realise their dreams by sharing my knowledge and experience via mentoring, speaking and writing. This has become my passion.”

Discover how Philip can give you clarity and move your business into the fast lane as a mentor and coach and/or facilitator, as a speaker at your event or conference, or explore his business acumen through his published material.

He can be your key to business miracles.

The Persona of Business People

For a long time now, whenever I’ve been talking to a potential client about their desire to growth their business, I’ve been struck by how they almost always fit into two distinct groups.

The first group are those that are in a hurry. They don’t want to learn, they just want to be told what to do. And they want results by yesterday. This group is ripe to be “harvested” by consultants.

My concern for this group is that any growth achieved is unlikely to be sustainable. Why? Because the business owners didn’t want to learn, they just wanted answers. So when market conditions change, they have no knowledge to fall back on so must engage consultants again to tell them what to do. I know many business people who complain about consultants and what they get from them for their money – I’m sure you do too. I think that’s unfair on consultants in general because they cannot be blamed if clients don’t learn from their past.

So what do I call the persona for this group?

“Dan Dash”.

The other group want to learn to be better at business. They accept that to increase the value in their business they need to make fundamental changes that will reap rewards long after the event – often years. They understand the difference between being told what to do and using someone like me to ask questions that allow them to figure out the best answer for their needs. They are very clear and focused about what they want for their business, their staff and themselves. In my experience they become ambassadors, regularly introducing potential future clients and/or readily agreeing to be a reference. They often become good friends.

Meet “Clara Clarity”.

I know which persona I want to work with. How about you?

The Highest Form of Efficiency

When I was a small boy, my father, one of the wisest people I’ve ever known, gave me a piece of advice that I’ve tried very hard to adhere to my whole life.

Simply, he told me that the highest form of efficiency was to never do anything you can get someone else to do for you.

Throughout my life since then, many people have thought that I was lazy. I would argue that I was merely following my father’s advice and being incredibly efficient by delegating as much as I could.

But why do I believe that this is so important, particular in business?

Because it gives me time to think.

Poetry in Business – Fear

I was having a clear out of old paperwork recently in anticipation of the incoming GDPR legislation when I came across a poem I wrote in 2005 that I had completely forgotten about. Having found it, I remembered with extraordinary clarity why I’d written it. Like all entrepreneurs, I had many dark days when I wondered a) why I was doing whatever it was that I was doing and b) how I was going to look after my staff, family and friends. Continue reading

Sun Tzu and The Art of War – Is it Time to Reframe?

Sun Tzu’s famous treatise on the art of war has become a bible for business people, and in particular sales people. In recent weeks I have heard many people quote Sun Tzu in meetings in a combative way as they beat their metaphorical breastplates, and this worries me.

How does the statement “all warfare is based on deceptionā€ square with the salesperson’s oft stated goal Continue reading

Must “Rich” be Defined in Monetary Terms?

This article is not about business but about values and beliefs – and my personal ones at that. Having said that, I frequently recommend what I am about to share with you to mentoring clients.

I came across this wonderful poem about 35 years ago and it has haunted me ever since.

I’ve been incredibly lucky Continue reading

Lack of Ambition Hurts

Are you a leader? Would you consider yourself ambitious for yourself and your organisation? Of course you are!

Ambition is good. It drives us forward and stretches us so that we take on new ideas and experiment. It makes us do things. It makes us grow as people and those benefits accrue to the company we work for.

But what happens to an organisation whose leader(s) lacks ambition? This can occur when the company makes enough profit Continue reading

Leading in a Recession

As I write this, the economic outlook for the UK (and Europe) is looking precarious to say the least. Although we are not currently in a recession, market conditions are tough with a credit squeeze, rocketing fuel and power prices, falling house prices and statements from the Bank of England and many leading retailers that trading conditions are worsening. The press would have us believe that a recession is just around the corner. I’m not sure I buy this, but regardless, leadership is becoming more important than ever.

So how do we lead in these situations? For me there are 6 points Continue reading

Slaying Dragons

At some point in the distant past, a client was describing the problems he was having implementing a particularly tricky change policy on his company. While listening to him I realised that I’d been through this situation several times myself so we discussed what his options were to overcome objectors. Out of that discussion came a process I call “Slaying Dragons” which has the express aim of enhancing buy-in to Continue reading

The Legacy of John Harvey-Jones

A great business leader, Sir John Harvey-Jones, died last month. For those who are not aware, he was a leading light in the UK business community since the early 1980’s when he rose to public prominence as the chairman of ICI, which he guided to be one of the most successful companies in the UK if not the world.

But to most people in the UK he is best remembered as the star of the “Troubleshooter” television series where he Continue reading