Your Key to Business Miracles

image of Philip de LisleIf you’re looking for a ‘shot in the arm’ Philip de Lisle is just what the doctor ordered! When you engage Philip you’ll be working with a multi-talented business-savvy mentor and facilitator, speaker and author. If you want a first rate brain, emotional strength and a creative and innovative approach to your business (and personal) challenges, you’ve found it.

“I’m a former serial entrepreneur with more than 7 startups. I grew my last venture to a US$1.5billion valuation before exiting in 2001. Since then I’ve been helping others realise their dreams by sharing my knowledge and experience via mentoring, speaking and writing. This has become my passion.”

Discover how Philip can give you clarity and move your business into the fast lane as a mentor and coach and/or facilitator, as a speaker at your event or conference, or explore his business acumen through his published material.

He can be your key to business miracles.

The Pygmies are Taking Over the World

As an entrepreneur, I have created many businesses. And these businesses need certain advisers like lawyers and accountants. Like many of you, these “species”, and I use the word advisedly, are not my most favourite people as they cost me lots of money and don’t appear to deliver much value.

Recently I was with one of these advisers and the conversation was not pleasant. In fact it made my blood boil. In a nutshell, I was asked, point blank, why I wasn’t making more money currently. Notwithstanding the incredible rudeness of the question, I was appalled that this came from an adviser that Continue reading